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2 min readMar 1, 2021


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Do I build an inhouse sales team or outsource one?

One of the most challenging topics no one speaks enough about is scaling your B2B (business to business) technology/SaaS startup. We’ve come across countless founders who have the skillset to take the company from 0 to $1M in ARR but struggle with hiring the right sales team to take it from $1M to $10M in ARR.

The Golden Question.

Do I build an inhouse sales team or outsource one?

This is what happens when you hire an inhouse sales team and it goes wrong:

  1. Frustration

Hiring and firing a sales team can take its toll on your entire company. No one likes being in a company dealing with incompetent colleagues.

2. Loss of time and efforts

The amount of time and energy it takes to hire and fire a sales team is not to be underestimated. That time could be spent focusing on your product and achieving major milestones.

3. Financial loss

When you hire and fire a sales team, not only does it impact your team’s productivity but it will also impact your relationship with your investors and bank account.

The Heroes.

When you consider the risks of a bad hire versus the risks of outsourcing a sales team, the latter wins by miles.

Here at Darwinian Ventures, not only do we act as your professional and seasoned sales team, but we have access to discounted prices for software such as Hubspot (CRM), ZoomInfo, and more (which alone can pay for itself).

Our main goal is to enable you and your team to focus on everything but sales. That is our bread and butter and we’ve proved it over and over again.

Reach out to us here, on LinkedIn, or our website for a quick conversation, we always love meeting new founders!

Written by John Maamary (Senior Sales Consultant at Darwinian Ventures & U.S. Sales Director @Prohance)